Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Trip to Berlin

Jewish memorial/museum. I had to work hard to fight the tears, a very moving place.


Allie said...

Hey Emma, that lost photograph is wonderful. I love the vanishing point!

You look so happy and peaceful in those photos.

Hope you are enjoying your travels :)


Little Miss B said...

Thanks Allie.

It was a really memorable day.
It broke my heart watching an old man break down in tears while there.

Love your blog.

Raven said...

How cute are you two! :)

This photo depicts such a heavy mood and feeling....and I can just imagine how very heavy the air must have been at Jewish Memorial Museum. Great photo.


Little Miss B said...

Hi Raven.

Thanks for you comment :)

Yeah the mood was extremely emotional.
There was absolute silent.
It is a beautiful and powerful memorial well worth a visit.