Wednesday, 1 July 2009

My oasis in London

I took some photos of one of my favorite spots in London. It's a small graveyard in the centre right next to old street. I've been coming here for years, just to get some quiet time and look at the ancient graves. One of my favorite reasons for coming here (other than the fact not many people know of it) is that William Blake is buried here and there are always oranges, trinkets and little gems dotted around his grave. Those white marks on the photos are sun rays, I think they look great.


Michael DeAntonio said...

I would kill someone to visit Blakes grave. (possibly Maya Angelou)

Little Miss B said...

I am extremely lucky, I get to visit it daily. I can describe it a's separated from all the other graves in that it is actually part of the pavement, all the others are behind rails and covered in grass. I believe his body is actually 20 meters away (on the grass bit) in an unmarked grave.

Little Miss B said...

Ive actually just discovered that most of his family is buried there too, dotted around the tidy grave yard