Monday, 9 August 2010

Gypsy wagon

Another illustration, this time a romani carriage. I love these gypsy wagons, they are so romantic and clustered with knick knacks. I'm in the habit of illustrating things I want/love. I figured if I can't have them the next best thing is to illustrate them. Enjoy!


Fat Chick said...

Hi there,
I've been following you for a while, but in a shy way I guess, as I've never commented, but I can contain myself no long!
I love your work and I think it would be so good on fabric. Do you have any plans/dreams to make your stuff into fabric?
I would be first in the queue!
Or do you sell prints of your work I could put onto transfers?
Thank you
:) x

Little Miss B said...

Hi Bonnie

Thank you for your compliments on my work. It's always nice to hear others peoples thoughts.

I do sell my prints on etsy and folksy

And I now have a gocco screen printing machine so I have the ability to print on fabric.

What do you have in mind?

Many thanks

Fat Chick said...

ooh excitement!
I make bags, purses, wallets, clothes and other bits and pieces.

I was thinking that putting your designs on them would be cool?

I would like to suggest for now that I make a bag for you, as a sample of my work and perhaps put one of your images onto it using simple jpeg image & T shirt transfer methods?
That way you get an idea off what I have in mind and we can go from there?
Your designs would look great as a fabric print on almost anything, so its hard to assign a particular product to your work, but your style is very hip, so there are many avenues you could explore.

I am of course happy to sign some sort of contractual agreement to not reproduce without your permission.

I have a couple of purses up for sale on my blog, so you can see the sort of fabric I like :)

My email is:
Many thanks for getting back to me!