Thursday, 19 August 2010


In the 7 or so years that I've lived in London I've never grown to love it, more like accept it. Yes it's busy and vibrant but sometimes to the point where I crave space and quiet. It's not exactly 24hr either considering most shops shut at 7pm and pubs at 11pm with mostly bars being the only place to go after midnight. But what I do truly love about London is it's architecture. The mix of ancient and modern buildings that compliment each other. Enjoy!


Fat Chick said...

Originally from Essex the big smoke was always on my doorstep, but I always loathed it.
With every visit I ending up feeling small and on the wrong side of the wealth divide.
It was a double edged sword, because I loved the V&A and other museums as a child but hated the crowds, even now, even after 16 years spent in Edinburgh, I still get nervous and on edge in cities.
Sometimes you just have to get to some greenery!
The church is beautiful. Its a wonder it hasn't been converted!

Little Miss B said...

Yeah I'm no fan of the city but my work means I have to be here. Lots of my friends think it's odd that I don't love the capital but I much prefer Berlin or New York they feel friendlier and greener.

The church is in Stoke Newingston and was featured in Amy Winehouse's video 'Back to Black' :)

lauren carney said...

your blog is really something special.
I am enlightened by all of the loveliness each photo has to offer.
Thanks for the inspiration!
happy blogging x x

Little Miss B said...

Thank you for your sweet comment Lauren! xx